Guest Book

Check back soon to see actual pages from our on-location guest book!

Life has been very hectic over the last few weeks. I am sorry that you did not get a chance to meet my dear wife and partner Susanna. She had to get back to California to take care of necessary items and will meet you all on her next trip here. We love the area, food, beer, coal mine tour, Andy and Cynthia. You and your family went out of your way to make my two days delightful. I thank you so very much. I love talking and jesting with Cynthia. I wish that you all were more politically correct…like me. That ought to get a good laugh! God bless and keep your chin high. Thank you so very much for the lovely stay! – Love,
Frank and Susanna M.
Thanks again for our stay. This will be a night for us to remember. As many times as we’ve been here, my only complaint is having to leave. – Thanks again and God Bless,
Chris and Stacey
Thanks for a wonderful stay and a great breakfast! – Ice skating Grand Daughter
A. Lee
Thank you!! The cot was very comfy! – Stephen B., Age 8 1/2
Thanks again. Every year we feel more like family. Good luck on your mission – I will pray for you. We’ll see you soon. – Thea and Paul B.
Enjoyed the food. Enjoyed the bed. Enjoyed it all. No more to be said. – Nelson Y., Linda Y., Ralph S., and Dolly S.
Many thanks for taking us in at the last moment. Your home is a fantastic home. We both slept perfectly and we’re set up for the rest of our Roller Coaster tour ( – Best wishes,
James E., London, UK.
Thanks Penelope for an excellent time and stay. A very warm and wonderful welcome in the hills of Pennsylvania. – Kind Regards,
George C., London, UK.
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We felt as though we never left home. You have a beautiful place and we will be back. The rooms are gorgeous and the fire places really set the mood. Well, wood stoves. Talk about feeling warm, cozy, and lazy. Again, thank you for everything. – Rob and Marge R.
This was our first experience with a Bed N Breakfast. I’m afraid you have spoiled us. You have a beautiful home and are very good at making us feel comfortable. We are already planning a return trup. Breakfast was excellent. Thank you for everything. – Jessica, Dennis, Brittany and Elizabeth C., Maple Shade, NJ.
Thank you for our stay. I like your house it’s butifule. I hope we come again. – Brittany
Thanks for the great hospitality! We had a great time. – Lisa, Lynn, Lorri, Wayne, Joseph, Keith, Michael, Matthew, Eric, Noah, and Robyn B.
What a blessing you and all of your friends have made my 62 birthday. Well off to Schwenksville. Keep up the good work. See you in heaven. – Ralph and Carole M.
Thank you for the fantastic accommodations. Your place is just beautiful. Lots of luck w/ all your business ventures. God bless. – Bob B.
Thanks again for such a wonderful Birthday. Everything was perfect. We hope to see you in the near future! – Hector and Erica G.
Your inn is great – very comfortable & delicious food! The park was a real treat – close and not crowded, unlike New Jersey attractions. We’ll see you in the very near future. – Gary, Michelle, and John Paul Z.
Thanks for everything. It was perfect! – Jarred and Darlene S.
Thank you for everything. It made our vacation better than expected. – Stanley & Tina
Thank you for a wonderful time. We really enjoyed it! – Scott and Sharon K.
Thanks for a great time, great food, and great conversation! – David C. & Family
Thanks so much for the room we stayed in. It was very pretty, and the bed fitted 3 of us. The food was great. Thanks for making Andrea’s birthday a happy one! Jacchuzi + Pool + Videos + We enjoyed our stay. – The D. Family
Thanks for making us feel so “at home” – Jo S. & Kali
Thank you for a magical experience, we had a lovely stay. – Jennifer & Peter
Beautiful stay & great food & hospitality. Hope the husband & I can get up here alone someday. Thanks again, – Thea, Paul, & Stephen B.
How lucky we were that I held on to your brochure I picked up from Knoebels last year. This get away was just what my mom needed. You have a beautiful home and a knack for making people feel welcome. Your breakfasts are fabulous! I will indeed distribute your brochures and business cards around Baltimore. Until the next time. – Laurie & Sarah S.
Ditto everything! I feel so relaxed and content here. Keep up the good work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Mitzi G.
Thank you for everything. We had a great time and I enjoyed your company. Hope to see you again. God Bless You. – Becky and Cam
Thank you very much. We had a great time and enjoyed everything. Great breakfast and great service. Hope to see you next year. – B. & Eric
After much stress with all the planning and preparation, this was exactly what we needed. Thank you very much! Hope to see you next year at this time! – Wendy & Jason
We hope to be back soon, we love your atmosphere here. It’s beautiful and cozy to. – Anna and Jean G. (Rose Room)
Thank you so much for the Bed and Breakfast. The stay was very comfortable. The food is great. Good hospitality. In the future when I return with my beautiful darling wife we will definitely come here. God richly bless you. You minister to others through your home and hospitality. Thank you once again.Daniel